TRENZ Homes in Fiji!!

Our General Manager Robert Ward and Export Licensee Phil Evans were up in Fiji in April to meet up with our latest export client.

We are proud to be exporting a kitset to Hightech Youth Network in Fiji. They are constructing a computer laboratory to give access to computing to the youth of Fiji. TRENZ Homes donated $1000 to the Network to assist with the set up costs. The kitset has landed in Fiji and construction will be underway very soon!

The core objectives of Hightech Youth Network are;

  • To empower young people and communities to become more capable, creative, and confident life long learners.
  • To foster the growth of a learning community, through the sharing of ideas and support.
  • To encourage in young people the development of a positive identity and belief in their potential, through linking cultural knowledge's and values with technology.
  • To champion, support, manage, research and implement services and projects that will further the above objectives within New Zealand and the Pacific.

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